Entrepreneurial Development

Introduction: Our entrepreneurship training aims at engineering wealth creation and economic development in communities through identifying, training and empowering thought and opinion leaders among the youth population and deploying them as change drivers and agents of socioeconomic and cultural change. It aims at creating a human-chain of entrepreneurs who build synergies to mobilise local resources.

Chancery Consulting entrepreneurial development is a 5-step curriculum that is strategically designed to empower individuals with entrepreneurship skills which enable them to act as Change Drivers within a community. In order to guarantee sustainability, it is tied to natural resources, environment, artisanal and local industries, which form a value chain for regional economic development.

It kits beneficiaries with the requisite Life Skills to ensure that they become self-reliant and also become instruments to promote social development, culture, synergy and mobilization of local resources.

The 5-steps of the entrepreneurship training program will among other things attain the following specific objectives:

  • Familiarize participants with the rudiments of entrepreneurship success, characteristics, mannerisms and types of entrepreneurs. This training program will enable them become self sufficient, self reliant and by so doing, create value and redevelop a sense of community and responsibility;
  • Introduce participants to life skills, self-management, structured goal setting, team building, business etiquette, managerial and management skills;
  • Expose them to business environment scanning skills, risk analysis (SWOT), business opportunity identification and mapping;
    Familiarize them with Business Plan writing, cash flow analysis and management;
  • Assist each one of them in developing and writing business plans to enable them take ownership of their business ideas;
    The exit strategy involves a mentoring program that holds the hands of the participants through the first 4-6 months of business set-up, when businesses are most prone to falter.

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Our Mission Statement is to provide first class training specifically designed to meet both identified and unspoken needs of individuals and the organisations for which they work. We deliver on these points by sticking to these Core Values:

    • Focusing on the client’s needs
    • Enabling innovative and creative thinking
    • Identifying and designing training programs that will remedy skills and knowledge gaps
    • Delivering effective training programs aimed at enhancing knowledge base, improve productivity, efficiency and confidence of key employees
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