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INTRODUCTION: In the competitive and ever evolving business environment, responsiveness becomes very important to survival and profitability. Chancery Consulting provides web solutions that are specifically tailored to optimize publicity and make Small, Micro and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMME’s) more cost efficient.

These include:

  • Search Engine Optimised Websites
  • Accounting Software’s, hardware’s and applications
  • Marketing and Inventory management applications
  • Electronic Document Management Systems

Document Management & Archival System(DMS)

Tracker document Management Software – Overview

Background: The tracker was designed for electronic document management and it is targeted at small – medium and large businesses and organizations which generate large volumes of records (hard / soft copies); these records are digitized using an optical character capturing machine, indexed and stored in a database. The key selling point is in its flexibility, its ability to handle both historical and current data and also its ability to hold scanned support / ancillary transactional documents which can stand as proof of transaction.

Product Presentation: There is the court version which was designed specifically to handle / support case management processes and court administration challenges and the admin version which is best suited to handle data/records generated in the course of general administrative, finance and personnel management functions.

Tracker comprises a Document Database split into relevant departments
Each department operates using different interfaces in the form of individualized databases. However, these are pulled together and housed as one database

The benefits are:

  • Easy access to current and historical data
  • Improved security/ integrity of data
  • Avoidance of sabotage or major disaster e.g. arson

Target Market:

The Tracker is targeted at small – medium and large scale organizations and enterprises, within both the private and public sector that generate large volumes of data; correspondence/records.


  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Capacity
  • Front end of application runs on browser windows
  • Back end of application is designed on SQL Server 2008
  • The front and back ends are linked through ODBC string connections/ commands
  • The root directories are housed in C:/INETPUB/WWWROOT/
  • The application runs on IIS (Internet Information Service) protocol
  • The application pages are .asp
  • Search Engine Optimized

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