66 Ex-Agitators Leaders’ benefited from the training program hosted in South Africa, while 118 Leaders benefited from the training program hosted in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria.

The curriculum set out to address specific knowledge demands and ultimately impart leadership and managerial skills that would enable the delegates to set up and run business enterprises. It also contains subject tracks that teach how to create and maintain relevant business records and, critically, the storage, retrieval and interpretation of information from management records.

These are often routine but fundamental aspects of the success of a modern day business endeavors.

One of the key deliverables was to enhance the exposure and knowledge of the participants by inculcating in them the requisite capacity through the acquisition of a wide range of entrepreneurial skills to ensure that they become self-reliant and also become instruments to promote social development, culture, synergy and mobilization of local resources. It highlights the attitudinal adjustment required for sustainable economic integration of the Delta Region as well as continued, sustained and focused interaction to succeed.