Youth Leaders Entrepreneurial Training Program

Client: Federal Government of Nigeria

Project: This project was for the development and implementation of an Entrepreneurial Training Program to teach entrepreneurship and life skills to 24 Youth Leaders – during the 1st Training Cycle and 90 Youth Leaders during the 2nd Training Cycle – under the Federal Government’s Enterprise Development Plan, which primary objective was driving economic resurgence through revival of middle class incomes and creating an enabling environment for Small, Micro and Medium Scale Enterprises (SMME’s) to thrive.

Project Description:

This scheme, tagged “Powering Enterprise” was structured as a “revolving door” where each turn represented a completed training cycle, which covered training, business plan writing, assisted business setup and mentoring support through the teething stages of the business.

The scheme will ensure the creation of 6,000 new jobs and additional spin-off jobs over a 12-month period of six project cycles.

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